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F518 Idea Land

f518 - 170We recently visited Creative101 incubator in the F518 Idea Land in Bao’an. F518 is a “creative industry cluster”, similar in conception to OCT-Loft: converting old industrial space into “artsy” areas. It’s a brilliant idea because living in Bao-an has meant total exile for a long time, so having a cool spot like this is just what the city needs, especially with rents soaring “downtown”.  F518’s own website describes the idea most people have of Bao’an: “dirty”, “disorderly” and “bad”. Needless to say, we were pleasantly surprised!

f518 - 122We met up with Evelyn from Creative101, an incubator located in F518. Creative 101 is overseen by the Shenzhen Creative Investment Group (SCIG) which manages the Joint Incubator of Edinburgh-Shenzhen Creative Exchange by the Municipality of Shenzhen Bao’an District and the City of Edinburgh Council.  Long story short, a startup in Edinburgh can apply and receive a space here which includes lots of local assistance and two years of free rent!  SCIG also hosts and organize N15 Hardware Accelerator’s Global IoT Accelerating Program out of Korea; in fact, if you visit the space for the next three weeks, you’ll find it bursting with visitors from Korea.

f518 - 138Fun fact: F518 is named for three reasons. Firstly, the space is exactly 518 meters long. How literal. Second, May 18th is the Shenzhen Culture Day, which F518 participates in every year. Finally, 51800 is the postal code for Shenzhen. Pretty cool, huh?

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