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park of shopping parks part 2

Views from the roof of Central Walk Mall

Continued from Part 1, we’re in Futian going underground through Link City towards Convention and Exhibition Center metro station and to find the other malls in that area.

mall mall mall mall

mall mall mall mall

Shopping Park station (购物公园 gou wu gong yuan) connects underground to Convention and Exhibition Center station (会展中心 hui zhan zhong xin) through the Link City mall (连城 lian cheng). This is probably the area’s most reasonable shopping, with Hotwind, Westlink, and other cheaper boutiques. Some restaurants are surprisingly good considering they’re underground, including the lime green decorated Zhejiang restaurant (浙礼), and Lanzhou pulled noodles. (My former go to, Let’s Viet, is now under renovation, and you never know what that means.)

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Link City will connect to the new high speed rail station in Futian, which will connect all the high speed lines which currently end at Shenzhen North Station to Futian and also to Hong Kong. The station underground is still under construction, and will be the largest underground station in Asia. More craziness.

kerry plaza 2

Kerry Plaza

Next to the future station is Kerry Plaza, the location of the Futian Shangri-La. The beautifully landscaped plaza between three office towers could also be a dining destination, with excellent sushi at Rocksalt, Shang Garden’s stylish Cantonese, and new Italian, Thai, Hong Kong and Japanese restaurants on the scene. A Starbucks and Simply Life are available for coffee in the shaded plaza.

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The Convention and Exhibition Center station (会展中心 hui zhan zhong xin) connects to Central Walk Mall (中心城 zhong xin cheng) and the new Wongtee Plaza (皇庭广场 huangting guangchang). Central Walk Mall has the extensive Carrefour supermarket in its lowest level, a bit too hyperactive for me for daily shopping, but has housewares and some imported foods you can’t find anywhere else. Some Chinese restaurants inside are quite good, including hot pot at Wuji. Along the eastern arcade outside is Futian’s NYPD pizza (mostly takeaway). Some new restaurants and cafes are opening on the first level, like Life Cali, a bakery and cafe with California place names for all the pastries, the übercute Panda Cafe, and a Belgian waffle shop. You can even climb to the roof of this mall, actually a green landscaped garden, for a different perspective on Futian. Find the spiral stairs near the elevator that comes up from near the stage area and Zara to get to the roof.

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Across the street to the south is the new Wongtee Plaza, with a lot of new restaurants and a gleaming marble interior. The newest branch of Waipojia (外婆家 “Grandmother’s House”) is here, with inexpensive but delicious Hangzhou regional cuisine. Get here early (like between 3 and 4 o’clock for dinner) to get a table ticket. A Thai restaurant, Dublin-themed burgers at DUB St-23, and Nan Xiao Guan (never as busy as the one at CocoPark) are also good options, with more places opening all the time. This mall is also the home of a new H&M, with men’s, women’s and kids clothes on two levels, plus a home section with candles, bedding, and other fun decorating stuff.

Check back for more in-depth reviews and come on down to Futian!

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